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Snooker Cue Refurbishment and Repairs

A Professional Service from Tony Wilshaw Cues

We have a wide variety of repair and refurbishment services available at our workshop. If you don't see the repair service you require phone us and we will do our best to provide you with more detailed information.

cue repair

Referruling and Retipping.

snooker cue repair

Cue Straightening.

snooker cue repairs

Cue Re-Weighting and Balancing

cue repairs

Slimdown of any Tip Size.

snooker cues TW cues

Scratch, Dents, Repolishing, French Polishing, and Beeswaxing.

snooker cue repairs

Cue Two Piecing - Butt Joints or Centre Joints.

For an accurate quotation please contact us by phone (0770 3336043), or using the contact page, or visit us at our showroom in Stoke-on-Trent.

snooker cue repair
Tony Wilshaw in his workshop
with John Parrott

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